We Have Become a Private Family!

We would still love for our friends and family to see our blog so please e-mail if you would like to be invited to see our private blog. marissa_jarrett@yahoo.com. If you already have an invite please click the link to the right to enter our world.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

This Blog Will be Deleted

To all 5 of our Blog Readers,
I am sorry to have to do this to you, but I am deleting this login page to my blog. As you may have noticed, our other blog is no longer private. The reasons I made the blog private in the first place do not apply anymore. It has been a pain to always remember to update this blog as well as my other blog. I have made a very strong decision to keep my blog public always, I will just be abbreviating our names and taking our last name off of everything. I will not be going back and forth between private/not private, because I know how annoying that is. Please update your links to www.marissaandcody.blogspot.com. We really hope you will join us! Sorry, I know its annoying to go in and change it. But, like I said, this login page isn't needed anymore and I will be deleting it in a few days. Thanks so much!